Ian Grant  - Owner - Head Trainer

Ian Grant opened Vermont Dog Boarding and Behavior in December of 2007 out of his home to help dogs and their owners in Northern Vermont. Little did he know that working with dogs was going to give him opportunities that he would never imagine. After consistently walking and caring for 15-20 dogs a day on his own, Vermont Dog Boarding and Behavior moved into a new facility in September 2013.

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Serena Russell - Operations Manager - Head Trainer

Serena is our Operations Manager and Head Trainer, and started her career at Vermont Dog Boarding and Behavior in June of 2014.  She attended three 3D Workshop - Dealing with Difficult Dogs in Utah, Burton's 2-Day 3D Workshop - Dealing with Difficult Dogs in June 2015 and 2016, and an E-Collar workshop in Ohio in October 2017. Serena loves to play Frisbee golf, and has two dogs Lilly and Aspen.


Nick Draper - Assistant Trainer

Nick joined Vermont Dog Boarding and Behavior in November of 2014.  Before he worked with us, he started out as the Dog Trainer's Assistant at Beaver Dam Retrievers in Morrisville, VT.  Nick attended Burton's 2-Day 3D Workshop, Dealing with Difficult Dogs in June of 2016.  Nick is an avid reader and is interested in Space Exploration.  He has a black cat named Ellie.


Matt Bettis - Assistant Trainer

Matt joined the Vermont Dog Boarding & Behavior team in September 2016.  He began his canine pursuits by walking all of his neighbor's dogs, and has worked his way up to training dogs here. He also is a lifelong basketball player and coaches kids basketball on the weekends. Matt has a sweet and regal Rhodesian Ridgeback named Nala.


Abigail Feldman - Front Desk

Abigail joined Vermont Dog Boarding & Behavior in November 2017.  With a background in photography, she brings her wide breadth of experience and creativity, as well as her love of dogs to the team. Abigail is an avid gardener and long time yoga practitioner - she lives with two dogs, two cats and nine chickens.  Shown here with her dog Sita!