Private Lessons & Consultations

Over the past 12 years I’ve learned that as dog owners we move too quickly with our dogs and that has caused us to miss many signals from our dog that they are trying to communicate with us. By slowing down and working with the owner 1-on-1 we have been able to help dog owners understand their dog on a deeper level all the while creating a stronger bond with the dogs. We want our clients to be a part of the Learning, Training, and Transformation of their dogs. Each program listed below will give you an outline of what we can work on, but we have the ability to customize the training to suit your needs.

Lessons with Serena Lamson


Serena joined Vermont Dog Trainer in 2014 as a night attendant letting the dogs out to do their “business” before bed.  I quickly learned that Serena needed to learn how to be around the dogs so brought her in a couple of days a week.  Her eagerness to learn hasn’t stopped that since that time.  She’s attended workshops on the other side of the country and beside me.  When I’m out of town she keeps the ship running smoothly.  Trust me when I say you are in good hands with her as your trainer.  She has a knack working one on one with a dog, she has amazing skills and I couldn’t be more proud of the trainer she has become. - Ian Grant

  • Fresh Start          3 1-Hour Lessons                  

    The Fresh Start Program is perfect for owners with younger dogs and newly adopted dogs who are wanting:

    ·        Leash Training

    ·        Better Listening

    ·        Basic Obedience

  • Confidence Builder   5 1-Hour Lessons

    Our Confidence Builder program is perfect for owners that want a more in-depth knowledge and skill set for their dogs including:

    ·        Leash Training

    ·        Better Listening

    ·        Basic Obedience

    ·        Impulse Control

    ·        Intro to Recall

Consultations with Ian Grant


Ian has been surrounded daily by large groups of up to 30 dogs for the past 12 years which has given him great insight into how dogs communicate. His in-depth knowledge of body language, how dogs think, how they interact, and his ability to train the owners led Vermont Dog Trainer to be voted “Best Vermont Dog Training Company” in 2019 by the Seven Days Vermont Publication.


Lone Wolf                       1 90-Minute Lesson                     

The Lone Wolf Program is an introduction into how the owner can understand their dog’s behavior through the dog’s eyes.   If you want to learn about the “how’s and why’s” this is the lesson for you. 

Fixer Upper                     3 90-Minute Lessons                     

The Fixer Upper Program is great for the owners that are wanting to deal with behavioral issues such as:

·        Nervousness

·        Over-reactivity

·        Socializing


Overhaul                         5 90-Minute Lessons                

The Overhaul program is great for the owners that are wanting to fulfill their dogs on a deeper level through mental and physical stimulation, all the while providing the home environment that all dogs desire.  This program is ideal for owners with much larger issues such as:

·        Aggression

·        Resource Guarding

·        Leash Reactivity

·        In-Depth Socializing

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IN-HOME Consultations

  • In-Home Consultations held at your Home

  • First Visit - 2-3 hours, with additional lessons if needed

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Training Videos

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