Private Lessons and Consultations

Private Lessons

All of the Private Lessons are taught by our Head Trainer Serena Lamson. She has been working side by side with Ian Grant for the last 5 years. Serena has a knack working one on one with a dog, she has amazing skills and I couldn’t be more proud of the trainer she has become. - Ian Grant

  • 60 Minute Private Lesson at our facility in Hyde Park, VT

  • Series of three 60 Minute Private Lessons

Call 802-851-8375 or email for more information

IN-HOME Consultations

  • In-Home Consultations held at your Home

  • First Visit - 2-3 hours, with additional lessons if needed

Please call 802-851-8375 or email for more information


Exclusive Social Hour

You and your dog get to spend an hour with our group of dogs and our staff for the opportunity to observe and learn about -

- Pack Dynamic - Body Language - How Dogs Communicate -


  • Your dog must get along with other dogs

  • Spayed and/or neutered by 6 months old

  • Have a Client Agreement on file with us

  • Be up to date with Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella

- Call 802-851-8375 for more Information or to Reserve

Training Videos

For more videos, please visit our YouTube Page



  • Have a Client Agreement on file with us

  • Current vaccinations for Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella - Have your vet email or fax us these records

  • Email:

  • Fax : 802-851-8419