Talking Dogs

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Ian Grant opened Vermont Dog Trainer (formerly Vermont Dog Boarding & Behavior) in December of 2007 out of his home to help dogs and their owners in northern Vermont. After consistently walking and caring for 15-20 dogs a day on his own, Vermont Dog Trainer moved into a new facility adding up to 2,000 sq feet in September 2013. The business expanded again adding another 1,000 square feet in 2018. After attending workshops and seminars all over the country (too numerous to list), he has learned from and networked with the best dog trainers in the business. He has been sought out by rescues, and other trainers for assistance. Clients are now coming from all over New England and New York to have their dogs trained by Ian and his staff.

Ian was influenced by his wife’s dog Lula (black lab/beagle mix) when they first met in Florida in 2005. “Lula was a mess, she was ripping apart pillows, blankets, jeans, and the carpet. If you reached down to pet her she would pee everywhere”. Two weeks prior Ian caught an episode of the Dog Whisperer and has been studying dogs ever since from dog psychology to obedience and everything else in between. A year later Ian and his wife adopted Maddie (black and tan coonhound mix, now 12 years old). In 2007, they moved to Vermont, Ian’s native land. Ian, Maddie, and Lula created a core for all of his daycare and boarding dogs to learn from, between daily pack walks and feeding up to 15 dogs at once in an open room they created a pack unlike any other in the area. “I wouldn’t be where I am without those two, their patience and ability to teach other dogs has been fascinating to watch”. Lula passed away in 2017 and Maddie is officially “retired” from pack life. Then in June of 2018 Ian adopted his first puppy as a trainer, Jemma, a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. “She’s going to be a great pack dog in a couple of years. Not every puppy gets to be in a daycare setting 5-7 days a week from the time they are 8 weeks old and she is going to have skills that I have yet to come across. It will be fun to watch her mature”.

In his free time Ian loves golf, basketball, camping, and spending time with his family. Ian played golf professionally for 8 years and feels that the patience he learned playing golf has helped him immensely working with dogs.