Board & Train

You would love to have the freedom to truly enjoy your dog, if they would only listen better!  Does your dog pull you on walks, jump on people, or just not come back to you when you called?

That is why we are here.  Whether you need help with some of your dog's behaviors (yes, all of them) or your dog is just plain refusing to listen to you, we will work together with you to fix it all as quickly as we can.  We love people as much as dogs and we want to come up with a plan that fits your lifestyle and preferences.  We would love to help you just like the hundreds of families we have helped already.  Each of our Board & Train programs consists of your dog boarding with us for an amount of time based on each program. 

Call us today at 802-851-8375 to discuss our options. 

Please Note:  A one, two, three or four week stay with us will not fix your dog 100%. The most important piece to dog training is the transition back into the dog's home environment - 80% of how you interact with your dog on a daily basis will inform your relationship with your dog, and we are here to help guide you through this entire process. 

Fresh Start Program  -  1 Week

Wish your dog would just settle down and listen better?  Tired of being dragged on walks? 

This program is perfect for the family who needs some help with manners around the house.  After the Fresh Start, your dog will be better behaved and calmer - and you can finally enjoy those walks!

Benefits of Package:

  1. Lifetime Support for your dog
  2. Customized In-Home Training Program
  3. 2 Follow Ups During the 30-Day Program at our facility or via Skype
  4. Training Guide
  5. Introduction to Obedience
  6. Loose Leash Walking
  7. Introduction to Impulse Control (Place command to establish a calmer state of mind)
  8. Solves common dog problems

Confidence Builder Program  -  2 Weeks

Maybe you have a few more things you’d like help with… does your dog ignore you around distractions?  Or does your dog embarrass you in social situations?  Maybe they do not always get along well with others, or sometimes leave you to face some tough situations. 

This program will give YOU the confidence of knowing that your dog will listen to you in a variety of situations; and YOUR dog will be more confident too!  The Confidence Builder is perfect for dogs who may exhibit some anxiety or fears, or who just need some more intensive obedience or impulse control training.

We will help you understand your dog’s behavior and resolve unwanted behaviors, which will help you and your dog be happier for years to come.

Benefits of Program: (Includes Fresh Start Benefits)

  1. Good for Anxious, Nervous, Skittish, or Hyper Dogs
  2. Our Most Popular Program
  3. Better understanding of your dog’s behavior
  4. Better communication with your dog
  5. Techniques to handle tough situations
  6. Additional Social Time

Confidence Builder PLUS+ Program  -  3 Weeks

The Confidence Builder Plus+ give us more time to work with the dogs who need that extra boost of assurance and confidence - especially in social situations both with people and other dogs.  We will work with their emotional state, and encourage them through a calmer mindset.  Similar to our Confidence Builder, we will guide you to understand your dog’s behavior and resolve unwanted behaviors - leading to a happier more confident and poised dog.

Benefits of Program: (Includes Fresh Start & Confidence Builder Benefits)

  1. Appropriate Socializing with dogs and humans
  2. Building Confidence in tough situations
  3. Clear Communication between dogs and humans
  4. Better communication with your dog
  5. Teaching to settle and regulate emotions
  6. Extended Social Time for dogs that have a tough time around other dogs


Dream Dog program  -  3 Weeks

Imagine the peace of mind of your dog’s training being done the fastest, most effective and enjoyable way… perfect for your busy life.  Not only will we make sure your dog has excellent house manners, and listens to you even around distractions, we will also make sure your dog listens when they are un-tethered! 

You will be able to enjoy your dog in every situation: on hikes, out in the yard, in parks, and even around the house without having to get the leash or grab their collar first.  Just imagine being able to call your dog from anywhere in the house, and they come the first time without having to chase them around or raise your voice at all (even with the temptation of doorbells or squirrels). 

Yes, even YOUR dog can do that!

Benefits of Program: (Includes Fresh Start Benefits)

  1. Off Leash Reliability
  2. Social Skills
  3. Obedience Commands
  4. More Freedom for your Dog
  5. Loose Leash Skills                                                            

the Rebuilder (For severe aggression) 

Do you have a dog that is aggressive?  Do they lunge and try to bite other people or dogs?  Are you getting frustrated dealing with them every day?  Our Rebuilder program is designed to improve your dog’s social skills around people and dogs.  In order for our dog’s behavior to change, we have to change the way we interact with them and we will show your dog that you control everything in their life, and that nothing in life is free.  This is an excellent program for owners who need a complete restart with their dogs. 

Benefits of Program: (Includes Fresh Start and Confidence Builder Benefits)

  1. Great for the dog that doesn't know how to get along with people or dogs, but hasn't bitten humans
  2. Dog will work specifically with one to two trainers to develop a trusted relationship
  3. Multiple Social Sessions per day
  4. Home Training Program will be customized for each specific case

 Complicated Canine Class

Six week course for 6 consecutive Thursdays from 6-7pm in Hyde Park, VT - For adult dogs and puppies (6 months and older) - taught by Ian Grant and Serena Russell.  Class fee $225

Call for more information 802-851-8375

Level 1

July 12 - August 16, 2018                                 Class Full

November 1 - December 13, 2018                    Openings                        (No Class on Thanksgiving)


CLASS Requirements:

  • Dogs older than 6 months
  • Current vaccinations for Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella. Have your vet  email or fax us these records.
  • Email:
  • Fax : 802-851-8419
  • Have a Client Agreement on file with us

Level 2  

Six week course for 6 consecutive Thursdays from 6-7pm in Hyde Park, VT - For adult dogs - taught by Ian Grant and Serena Russell.  Class fee $295

          August 30 - October 4, 2018                                 Openings

                  Level 2 Requirements: Completion of Level 1 or Board & Train


Puppy Preschool - for puppies 8 - 20 weeks.  (Must have puppy for at least 2 weeks before start of class).

~ We are not offering Puppy Preschool at this time ~


+ Level 1

Our program helps dogs with all sorts of behaviors. At the end of the 6 week course, you will enjoy easier walks, better listening, as well as how to handle your dog in tough situations.

+ Level 2

Once Level 1 is completed you are eligible for our Level 2 class. This class is very interactive with techniques, games; and all participants will gain an advanced knowledge of dog behavior.



Host a workshop in your area

If you would like to schedule a Complicated Canines Workshop in your area, please contact us. Ian Grant will cover Training, Behavior, Socialization, and Nutrition. This workshop is geared towards rescues, dog owners, and owners of dog daycares.

Thank you SO much for this amazing training! It was so cool to see this process through and the behavioral changes that happened over the course of the six week training period - I can’t wait to see our continued growth. We were given the tools and confidence to train our fur babies for a lifetime. Winston and I learned so much and can’t wait to continue working with Vt B n B! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
— Kelli Risitano
My dog is a happy and balanced guy whenever he gets to spend the day with Ian and the pack. Ian’s insights about dog behavior always help me to understand my dog more and be a better dog owner.
— Margaret Pitkin
Ian and his staff got all three of our dogs on the same page, setting us up for a happy multi-dog household. Their support and encouragement during the transition back home were invaluable, and provided us with the tools we need to keep things running smoothly and under control — so much so that we recently got a puppy, who’s now getting all the proper training from us at home. Implementing all the tools was a lot of effort on our part in the beginning, but well worth it.
— Sara Farley

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