Because your dog is boarding with us doesn't mean they spend their entire stay in a kennel.  Our daycare and boarding dogs are mixed together as a group and experience social time and play time throughout each day.  Our well experienced staff can take care of any special needs your dogs.  We even have add on services (below) that you can add on to your dogs stay to help them rest, relax, and maybe get a treat every night at bed time. 

Additional services

Nail trim


Bed upgrade

Biscuits at night

Bed and biscuit

Note: At busy times (like holidays), special rates may apply during holidays, call to inquire. 802-851-8375


Monday - Friday 7am-9am

Saturday - Sunday 8am-10am


Monday - Friday 7am-9am or 3pm-5:30pm

Saturday - Sunday 8am-10am or 3pm-5pm

*We cannot admit any dog for ANY service until we have in hand documentation from your Vet that s/he is current on Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella vaccines. Please ask your vet to fax us these records at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment with us. Our fax number is: 802-851-8419.

Frequently asked questions

+ If my dog is Boarding, do I need to bring food?

Yes, please bring your dog’s food from home in an air-tight container or pre-portioned in zip loc bags. If you feed your dog raw please pack it up in air-tight tupperware. Raw food packed in plastic bags will not be accepted as it not sanitary for our staff. Please do not bring in large food containers as our room is limited for all boarding dogs. Please bring enough food for just their stay. If you have forgotten your food, we will gladly feed your dog our house food (Life’s Abundance) for $10/day.

+ I have 2 dogs, can they stay in the same kennel (we call them dens)?

Yes, unless they are large breed dogs.

+ Do I need to bring my dog’s bowl?

No, please do not bring in your dog’s bowl, we have plenty of dishes here to use.

+ Where does my dog stay during daycare?

Your dog will stay with the group of dogs that are here for the day. We have scheduled rest times during the day to ensure your dog will not be overstimulated and come home overtired.

+ Where does my dog stay while boarding?

Your dog will remain with the group of daycare/boarding dogs during the day if he/she is social. During the evening hours, your dog will be staying in our 4’x4’x6’ wire kennels (did we mention we call them dens). They will have 24-hour access to water. A staff member will come in between 8pm-10pm to let all the dogs out one last time before the overnight.

+ What times can I drop off and pick up my dog?

You can drop your dog off M-F 7am-9am or Sat-Sun 8am-10am. Pick up times are M-F 7am-9am or 3pm-5:30pm. Sat- Sun times are 8am-10am or 3pm-5pm.

+ Can I bring toys, treats, or bedding?

Yes, however we aren’t responsible for your dog destroying any bedding or toys.

+ Does my dog need a leash and/or collar?

Yes, please have a leash and collar on your dog. We do not accept the following collars in our Social group of dogs: Prong, choke chain, e-collar, invisible fence collar, martingale collar, or belt-buckle type collars. Please do not bring your dog on a retractable leash or harness.