Vermont Dog Trainer Consulting

Are you a new dog daycare owner eager to expand your knowledge of dogs? Do you have new staff that needs training on a deeper level? Do you envision socializing large groups of dogs in your expanding business?

My name is Ian Grant, and for the last 12 years I have socialized dogs from groups of 2 to 35. I started my business out of my home in 2007 because I wanted to learn as much about dogs as I possibly could. With no mentors, the dogs were my teachers. Walking them daily, observing them, feeding them, and seeing how they communicate was an integral part of my early “training” days. After six years in my home, I expanded to a large warehouse and tripled my outdoor space. Business exploded and I haven’t looked back. As of 2019, I am one of the few trainers in the country that offers Outdoor Socials as a service. Unfortunately today, there is not much opportunity for new dog daycare owners to learn the challenges of handling and socializing large groups of dogs. 

Vermont Dog Trainer Consulting offers training in the following areas (and more):

·       Evaluation of incoming dogs

·       Introduction of new dog to the pack

·       Safety precautions for all staff

·       Tools available to use

I will travel to your facility to work with you and your staff for 3 or 5 days -- to show you and to teach you how to work with the dogs you see on a regular basis. My goal is to help you make a difference for your dog daycare owners and your staff.

For further information or to schedule a consultation, please send an email to

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